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The Cartesian Theatre

When we see something, how does it manifest in our brains?  If pressed on this question, many people will say that they imagine some analogue of a little screen inside their heads on which the image is assembled for viewing.  The big question, then, is: “Who is watching the little screen?

This idea was suggested (despite its name) by Daniel Dennett for the sole purpose of tearing it down.  Though I’m not sure anyone this century should disrespectfully name a bad idea after Descartes, I agree that the Cartesian Theatre idea doesn’t work.  That is, when applied to humans in isolation…

It may not have escaped everyone’s notice that a much more plausible cartesian theatre is starting to show up… that with a flesh and blood human as the audience, and all of our information technology doing the information gathering for presentation to that human.

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When you see the context in which something was written and you know who the author was beyond just a name, you learn so much more than when you find the same text placed in the anonymous, faux-authoritative, anti-contextual brew of the Wikipedia.

The question isn’t just one of authentication and accountability, though those are important, but something more subtle. A voice should be sensed as a whole.

Jaron Lanier (via isomorphismes)